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I AM SOMEBODY – Gratitude Report 2018

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I am excited and honored to join the De La Salle family as the new Executive Director. I want to thank everyone for your warm welcome.

With the 2017-18 fiscal year behind us, we are enthusiastic about our new beginning. I owe a huge thank you to the Board of Directors and committed staff for making this transition seamless.

Before I joined De La Salle, I attended a STAR lunch and was astounded at the presence of the students who greeted me at the door. They showed such grace and maturity, that I wish I had at their age! I listened to students speak about their experience at La Salle Middle School and how they had grown since the start of school. It was magnificent to see how proud they were of their own growth and how happy their classmates were for the STAR Student of the Year. Our core values of care, community and zeal were on full display from the students to the staff to the guests in the room. It made me feel honored to be part of something this special.

Since then, I have had the opportunity to get to know several students and graduates. And I can truly say that the education and support we have provided truly makes the difference.

With thanks and appreciation,

Muriel Smith | Executive Director | De La Salle

De La Salle, Inc. hires executive director

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Muriel Smith joins non-profit providing support to La Salle Middle School

De La Salle, Inc., a non-profit dedicated to supporting La Salle Middle School and enhancing the educational experience of it students, has hired Muriel Smith as its new executive director.

Smith has worked in the non-profit industry for nearly 20 years in various fundraising and communications positions. Her most recent role was director of development for North Side Community School, a public charter elementary school serving children and families in North St. Louis City. Her responsibilities included fundraising, public relations, community engagement and volunteer management. During her four years with North Side Community School, she was able to increase fundraising from $150,000 annually to more than $600,000. Smith also served as vice president of resource management at the Boys & Girls Club of Greater St. Louis spearheading its re-branding efforts and fundraising activities.

“Ms. Smith’s background as a successful fundraiser and experience working with various non-profits gives her the skill set to assume this position,” said De La Salle, Inc. Board President Bob Mills. “She has a commitment to De La Salle/La Salle’s core values and mission; and a capacity to strategically guide us forward as we strive to provide innovative educational opportunities to our students.”

Smith holds a Bachelor of Science degree in communications from Missouri State University. She is a 2015 graduate of the Focus St. Louis Coro Women In Leadership (WIL) and 2018 graduate of Leadership St. Louis. She also serves on the Coro WIL Professional Advisory Committee and on the Comprehensive School Improvement Plan (CSIP) Team for the Pattonville School District.

De La Salle, Inc. provides both programming and facilities to La Salle Middle School. Social services such as counseling and health screenings, classes like art, faith formation and music, and a comprehensive graduate support program featuring ACT/SAT prep classes, college visits, and tuition assistance, are all provided to La Salle students free of charge. De La Salle, Inc. also works to provide students at La Salle with modern, safe and convenient facilities for them to best learn.

About La Salle Middle School
La Salle Middle School is a public charter school in North St. Louis that provides educational opportunities and comprehensive support services for fifth through eighth-grade students. The school is dedicated to academic rigor, whole-child education, high school and college readiness, and values-driven education. La Salle’s charter is sponsored by the University of Missouri. For more information, visit www.lasallemiddleschool.org.

About De La Salle, Inc.
De La Salle, Inc. is a non-profit dedicated to supporting La Salle Middle School and enhancing the educational experience of its students. La Salle Middle School, formerly De La Salle Middle School, is a public charter school located in North St. Louis.

De La Salle, Inc. provides both programming and facilities to La Salle Middle School. Social services such as counseling and health screenings, classes like art, faith formation and music, and a comprehensive graduate support program featuring ACT/SAT prep classes, college visits, and tuition assistance, are all provided to La Salle students free of charge. De La Salle, Inc. also works to provide students at La Salle with modern, safe and convenient facilities for them to best learn.


La Salle Middle School: Where college starts in 5th grade

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College starts in middle school at La Salle Middle School, a public charter school located at 1106 N. Jefferson in North St. Louis.

“When we welcome a family in at 5th grade or 6th grade, we say, ‘We are committed to you through post-secondary,’” said Melissa Brickey, executive director of De La Salle, Inc., the nonprofit that supports the school.

La Salle Middle School continues to offer academic assistance, test prep courses, and college application help to its graduates as they traverse high school. That might explain the school’s remarkable statistics: 97 percent of La Salle graduates go on to graduate high school, and 84 percent of them enroll in college.

All of the students at La Salle are African-American kids from St. Louis, and 96 percent of them qualify for free and reduced lunch. Though any city child may apply for the school, “priority is given to students from North St. Louis city,” Brickey said.

The school gets state funding for almost all the expenses of running the middle school, Brickey said, but unlike other middle schools, La Salle’s services continue after students graduate 8th grade – and that’s where the nonprofit comes in.

“We start at 5th or 6th grade and say, we’re going to stay with you until you finish – and we do,” Brickey said. “We keep very close contact, and to me that is the thing that is most unique about our mission.”

That uniqueness is evident in the building’s construction. There is a dedicated Graduate Lounge, outfitted with comfortable chairs, a piano, and snacks. Current students aren’t allowed to enter – it’s exclusively for graduates who return to La Salle.

Though the school has been open for 16 years, this is only their second year in the new location on North Jefferson, and construction has been ongoing.

“Since the construction, the number of kids who want to be architects has skyrocketed,” Brickey laughed.

Jermonie Smith , a 7th grader, said his favorite part of the La Salle experience has been class trips. La Salle kids begin to visit colleges as early as the 5th grade. By the end of their time there, according to Brickey, they’ll have visited 10 different colleges – more than most high school students ever get the chance to see.

Jermonie is already excited about college, though he has seen so many already they are becoming difficult to keep straight.

He said, “We visited Mizzou, Harris-Stowe State University, SLU, and … what was it called? Yeah, Maryville … and. .. I don’t remember!”

He hasn’t decided which school he’d like to attend yet, though as a seventh grader he still has a lot of time to choose.

The head of school at La Salle, LaShanda Boone, is new to the school this year.

“That first day I got the same kind of jitters a student would get on the first day of school,” Boone said. “But the students took to me, and I took to them. This is essentially where I know I should be. I knew that from the first day I walked in for my interview.”

The school environment just felt right to her, she said. The students’ opinions are taken seriously there. Students were even involved in the selection process for their next head of school. They asked her about her vision as head of school, and how she would do her job, and even what the last book she read was (it was “The Hate U Give,” which she recommends).

“After the interview, when I stood up to shake the students’ hands, the first one bypassed my hand and gave me a hug,” she said.

That close relationship with her students is still part of what she loves about the school. Every day, she shakes each student’s hand as they walk inside, and at the end of the day she makes sure she’s outside to wave goodbye to them.

“At dismissal time, I make sure that I’m outside, talking to the parents, making sure that they had a good day,” she said. “And if not, then we need to fix it! The next question to ask is: ‘Is there something we can do tomorrow to make your day better?’”

Registration for La Salle Middle School is open at http://lasallemiddleschool.org. If you have any questions about registration, contact Sherida Williams at (314) 531-9820 or swilliams@lasallemiddleschool.org.

Article from the St. Louis American by Sophie Hurwitz

October 2017 Star of the Month

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Robin – October 2017 Star of the Month at La Salle Middle School

One of our greatest joys is the opportunity to celebrate our students. Congratulations to Robin (Grade 5) on being named Star of the Month, and to the rest of our nominees for continuing to live out our values!

Robin is an exceptional student and leader. As a fifth grader, in a predominantly sixth grade class, Robin sets the tone with her enthusiasm to answer questions, her ability to dig deeply into content to ask meaningful questions, and her dedication to excellence. Robin is a loyal friend, a dependable helper, and a true star.

I AM SOMEBODY – FY 2017 Gratitude Report

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FY2017 Gratitude Report – I AM SOMEBODY

Dear Friends,

I walk down our halls and my heart bursts at the seams.

I stop to talk to a spirited and loud fifth grader. She hooks her arm in mine and we walk to her next class. At the end of the hall, one of our seventh graders, who is quiet and often angry, sits at a table crying. She says hello, but can’t bear to talk about what is upsetting her yet. I head downstairs and pass an eighth grade boy, or young man, I should say. He is tall and a little awkward with a wide smile. I hear his deep voice, and I am nostalgic for the sixth grader he once was. I enter the cafeteria and see one of our alumnus visiting with a teacher. He’s a high school graduate who has lost his way, and together, they are making a plan to get him back on track.

I see our values painted on the wall: CARE, INCLUSIVITY, COMMUNITY, SERVICE, JUSTICE, ZEAL. After encountering these five wonderful and yet very different students, I reflect on INCLUSIVITY as we define it: We embrace our differences. Every voice matters.

Everyone has a place in our mission. We love our students for who they are while we challenge them to be their best selves. And, we unabashedly celebrate that each one of our students is SOMEBODY. Thank you for supporting educational equity, hope and love. Your encouragement, inspiration and commitment is transforming lives. You are somebody. My hope for you and for our future is that each of us – students, families, donors, volunteers, staff, board – radically and unapologetically lives into our unique and wonderful selves to create a better world.

With love & gratitude,

Melissa Brickey
Executive Director, De La Salle, Inc.

September 2017 Star of the Month

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Montrell is a sixth grader in a seventh grade group because of his advanced academic skills. He is a considerate student who goes out of his way to make our community better through service (cleaning trays at lunch daily, digging bowls out of the trash, etc), care (asking how people are doing in the morning with a smile) and grit (giving 100% effort daily in advanced classes). His family is overjoyed to have him join our community and the feeling is mutual.


Oh what a night!

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The Catch a Rising Star Gala was a huge success April 8.

The annual gala celebrates the transformative power of education, and enables us to support La Salle Middle School’s innovative educational experiences for students and graduates.

Together we raised nearly $600,000 new dollars that will go toward our students’ success in middle, high school, college and beyond.
Thank you for your kindness and belief in our kids.

For more photos, follow this link.


Light streaming in from our volunteers

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Mr. Donohue contemplating Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night, with Jalen.

Cliff Bellone, Dick Donohue and Joe Orf: These three men, all retired professionals, have shown extraordinary dedication to the students at La Salle Middle School. Bellone is retired from teaching at St. Louis University Medical School; and Mr. Donohue and Mr. Orf are retired from De Smet. They tutor students in math, science, and language arts and are generous with their time.

During the last year, Mr. Orf, in addition to his usual volunteer hours, met outside of school with a La Salle graduate who was struggling with his high school math.

Love of learning in our middle school students

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After La Salle’s first year, we have much to celebrate. Students showed growth in learning that exceeded the national average by 20 percent, according to results on the NWEA assessment. Student growth in reading and language exceeded the national average by more than 40 percent, according to the same test. La Salle students also exceeded the national average on the Gallup Student Poll’s measurement of hope in the future and of their entrepreneurial aspirations.

Our 2016 MAP scores affirmed our School Improvement Plan focus on science and math while maintaining our focus on literacy. While we saw some improvement from De La Salle’s 2015 scores in science and math, we still have far to go, with just 9 percent of students testing proficient in math and 14 percent in science. Our science score nearly tripled from 2015, and we aim to continue the trajectory for this coming spring’s test. We are excited about our school improvement plan and its systematic approach to addressing our highest priority areas needing attention this school year.

Our New Home

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In 2001, we opened the doors to a modest home–a small room above a sandwich shop in North St. Louis. There, students and teachers worked tirelessly together to build an educational community, to grow and learn together. Not long after, we outgrew that space above Big Mo’s, expanding down the street to a former skate rink on Kennerly. We have countless memories in that building—great, funny, tragic, inspiring, heartbreaking, loving memories.

It’s time, though, to open a different set of doors; to fill another building with enough memories, dreams and love to make it a home. On August 16, students new and returning will rush into the newly renovated La Salle Middle School, located at 1106 N. Jefferson. We are beyond excited about our new space—it’s larger, brighter, and will serve our students well for years to come.

We would like to say thank you to everyone who helped with this move—with your donations, your prayers, your attendance at events, your mentorship, your strong arms and backs when we needed help with the heavy lifting. It has been a huge task and we could not have come this far without you. We hope all of you will stop by in the coming weeks to see how the community you have helped build over the years is growing!