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October 2017 Star of the Month

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Robin – October 2017 Star of the Month at La Salle Middle School

One of our greatest joys is the opportunity to celebrate our students. Congratulations to Robin (Grade 5) on being named Star of the Month, and to the rest of our nominees for continuing to live out our values!

Robin is an exceptional student and leader. As a fifth grader, in a predominantly sixth grade class, Robin sets the tone with her enthusiasm to answer questions, her ability to dig deeply into content to ask meaningful questions, and her dedication to excellence. Robin is a loyal friend, a dependable helper, and a true star.

I AM SOMEBODY – FY 2017 Gratitude Report

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FY2017 Gratitude Report – I AM SOMEBODY

Dear Friends,

I walk down our halls and my heart bursts at the seams.

I stop to talk to a spirited and loud fifth grader. She hooks her arm in mine and we walk to her next class. At the end of the hall, one of our seventh graders, who is quiet and often angry, sits at a table crying. She says hello, but can’t bear to talk about what is upsetting her yet. I head downstairs and pass an eighth grade boy, or young man, I should say. He is tall and a little awkward with a wide smile. I hear his deep voice, and I am nostalgic for the sixth grader he once was. I enter the cafeteria and see one of our alumnus visiting with a teacher. He’s a high school graduate who has lost his way, and together, they are making a plan to get him back on track.

I see our values painted on the wall: CARE, INCLUSIVITY, COMMUNITY, SERVICE, JUSTICE, ZEAL. After encountering these five wonderful and yet very different students, I reflect on INCLUSIVITY as we define it: We embrace our differences. Every voice matters.

Everyone has a place in our mission. We love our students for who they are while we challenge them to be their best selves. And, we unabashedly celebrate that each one of our students is SOMEBODY. Thank you for supporting educational equity, hope and love. Your encouragement, inspiration and commitment is transforming lives. You are somebody. My hope for you and for our future is that each of us – students, families, donors, volunteers, staff, board – radically and unapologetically lives into our unique and wonderful selves to create a better world.

With love & gratitude,

Melissa Brickey
Executive Director, De La Salle, Inc.

Our New Home

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In 2001, we opened the doors to a modest home–a small room above a sandwich shop in North St. Louis. There, students and teachers worked tirelessly together to build an educational community, to grow and learn together. Not long after, we outgrew that space above Big Mo’s, expanding down the street to a former skate rink on Kennerly. We have countless memories in that building—great, funny, tragic, inspiring, heartbreaking, loving memories.

It’s time, though, to open a different set of doors; to fill another building with enough memories, dreams and love to make it a home. On August 16, students new and returning will rush into the newly renovated La Salle Middle School, located at 1106 N. Jefferson. We are beyond excited about our new space—it’s larger, brighter, and will serve our students well for years to come.

We would like to say thank you to everyone who helped with this move—with your donations, your prayers, your attendance at events, your mentorship, your strong arms and backs when we needed help with the heavy lifting. It has been a huge task and we could not have come this far without you. We hope all of you will stop by in the coming weeks to see how the community you have helped build over the years is growing!

As We Grieve, We Offer Love

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July 8, 2016

Dear Students, Graduates and Families,
Today, you are in my thoughts. In the past three days, our country has witnessed continued violence, spurred by racism. I grieve for the families of Alton Sterling, Philando Castile, and the five officers in Dallas. My heart aches for the devastating effect that racism and racial inequity have had on those families, and on our country. My heart aches for the devastating effect that racism and racial inequity have had on you, your families and the children of La Salle Middle School and De La Salle, Inc.


We are overwhelmed with the heartbreak and the grief. And in that heartbreak, we offer love to the grieving families in Baton Rouge, in St. Paul, in Dallas. We offer love to each of you, who witness daily the effects of an unjust system.
I am proud of the work of the students, families, educators, Board, volunteers and donors in our organization. Our work for racial equity through education is our declaration that Black lives matter.
If there is anything I can do, or we can do, for you, for your families, for your children, please know that our doors are always open.
With love,
Melissa Brickey
Executive Director
De La Salle, Inc.

A Prayer

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“Let us remember….that we are in the holy presence of God.”

We end our daily educational journey with those words: a prayer.

Immediately before saying the prayer together as a community, our students participate in EnCompass, our after-school faith-based enrichment program which focuses on whole person development: the social, emotional and ethical growth of each child. EnCompass programming plays a unique role in our goal: that every child develops a sense of meaning in our world and a faith in the future.

We are dedicated to transforming children and the community through innovative education; our EnCompass program fulfills this promise. With opportunities such as dance exploration with COCA, cooking with Operation Food Search, yoga with Urban Breath Yoga, drama with Summit Leadership Initiative, service learning based on Catholic social teachings and a myriad of other programs (chess, swimming, gardening, world religions, new and old testament, etiquette classes), our students’ days move beyond traditional classroom instruction.

Through EnCompass, we offer opportunities that lend themselves to taking risks, learning new skills, trying out different experiences, exploring faith and having fun! And our EnCompass program reminds us to embrace lifelong learning. Just as we challenge our students, we continue to challenge ourselves to innovate, to go beyond our comfort zones, to take risks, to explore our faith…and to have fun! Thank you for being a part of this incredible educational journey!

Live Jesus in our hearts…..Forever!

Family Orientation

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On August 7th, over a hundred people gathered in the gym for our family orientation – new and returning students, parents, grandparents, siblings and staff. In a very short time – four hours – a community formed.
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A New Beginning

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Dear Friends,

Three years ago, we challenged ourselves to broaden our impact and to offer excellence in educational opportunities to more students. Today, July 1, 2015, we embrace that challenge. As we begin the fiscal year we officially Read More

North City kids read to South City kids

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ST. LOUIS (KSDK) — At St. Gabriel the Archangel Elementary School in south city, there are a lot of eager students — but very little diversity.

“The make-up of our students is pretty much caucasian. We’re about 97 percent caucasian, “said St. Gabriel Principal Ann Davis.
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