The EnCompass Program

One of the things that sets the education of La Salle apart from other schools is the EnCompass program. Many schools in St. Louis can boast of their small class sizes, extended school days and years. La Salle is in good company when it comes to dedicated teachers and learning plans. However, few schools can say that by the time their students have graduated from middle school, they will have been on five college visits in St. Louis, Nashville and Chicago. Few other middle schools provide financial aid in both high school and college to their graduates. Few other students are welcomed back by their middle school Language Arts teacher for free ACT prep classes.

De La Salle, Inc. is committed to providing comprehensive, long-term support for our students. Through the EnCompass program, middle school students are prepared for the academic rigor of high school and college. They are given counseling, eye and dental care, enrichment classes like art and cooking, and assistance through the occasionally overwhelming process of high school applications. In high school, EnCompass offers college visits, assistance with college applications and FAFSA forms, tutoring in various subjects and social events. Then, in high school, students are sent care packages during their fall exams, they are invited back to La Salle as speakers, provided with summer jobs at the school. They are supported. Through EnCompass, no student is ever left behind or forgotten. This is what truly sets this program apart.

Middle School Programs

Kitchen Science Investigators
Craft Alliance – Ceramics, Metal-Working, and Glass Blowing
High School Prep
Hip Hop Dance
African Drumming
Service Learning
Readers 2 Leaders
Gentlemen’s Guide & Sweet Success
Be A Star
College Exploration
Diversity Awareness Partnership’s Give Respect Get Respect
SLUH’s Upward Bound Program
Webster’s Summer Academy
Wash U’s Middle School Challenge Program

High School Programs

Academic advising
Test preparation
Study skills
College visits
Financial literacy
Workshops on FAFSA and financial aid
ACT preparation courses
Interviewing skills
“Meaningful Summer Experience” assistance (jobs, camps, workshops, internships, etc…)
Tuition and fees assistance
College search/application/process assistance