You can help transform children and our community through innovative education with your gift.

As a charter school, La Salle Middle School is given roughly $8,000 per student by the state for education. With the support services like counseling, enrichment programs like chess, art and music, as well as high school and college preparation, La Salle spends close to $16,000 per student. That leaves a gap of $8,000 that La Salle must raise to continue offering the high level of service that our students and families so need. Additionally, De La Salle, Inc. provides financial aid and academic support for high school and college students that totals roughly $3,000 per graduate.

De La Salle, Inc. maintains the facilities that house La Salle Middle School. We strive to provide the safe and comfortable school that will best nurture our students’ growth.

To continue providing top quality education and to take strides towards our vision of educational equality for all, we need support from people like you! You provide students with critical study hall time. You give them the opportunity to visit colleges in middle and high school. You make a safe space for them to get the counseling that they need to live life to its fullest. You pay for their ACT preparation classes and tuition assistance and care packages.

We offer many options to help you make a financial gift to De La Salle.

Send donations directly to:
De La Salle, Inc.
1106 N. Jefferson Ave.
St. Louis, MO 63106
Attn. Advancement Office
Click here to donate online. You may choose between making a one time gift or joining our monthly giving program.
Call McFarlane Duncan at 314-531-9820 ext. 4001 any time between 9 AM and 5 PM, Monday-Friday to make a donation directly over the phone.
For more information, contact McFarlane Duncan at mduncan@delasallestl.org or call 314-343-0963.

of La Salle students qualify for free or reduced cost lunch


of our families have faced homelessness in 2015


of our students have lost a family member to violence or incarceration

Despite the difficulties they face, our students succeed at an astounding rate.


of our students graduate from high school in four years


of our high school graduates are accepted to a post-secondary program


of our graduates have finished or are in the process of finishing a secondary degree